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SACRED SEVEN - Incense Herb Blend




Only Seven Herbs all for cleaning. This blend is helpful for cleaning & clearing your space whenever. 


The package will include Herbs & Instructions for Use


These blends are also used to clear negative energies, cleanse yourself & the area around you, and promote clarity, strength, & spirituality in your area of concern.

Incense can be used to raise your energetic vibrations and generate a positive, spiritual, and loving sense of well-being. The smoke from burning incense is known to be a vehicle between this realm and others and can carry prayers and clear negative energies.


Our unique incense blends will lift your spirits, connect you to your deeper self, and bring you a sense of peace.


All herbs are Organic and wildcrafted herbs Or Quality selected resins


Naturally purifies the air


These herbs can be placed in a charm bag to keep on you or placed on your altar or burn.


Please use caution when burning.  Not intended for human consumption.


Preparation & Shipping

Please keep in mind all loose herb blends are made to order at the time order is placed to optimize freshness & ritual of blessing. 


ALL BLENDS ARE MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow 7-10 days for the creation of the product.



You will receive shipping and tracking information via email after the creation of the product.  Fulfillment time does not include shipping time.  Estimated shipping time is based on once the courier picks up your order from us, and the shipping service you selected at check out.  Please view our shipping policy for more detailed information. 


*A note about packaging:


It's important to Cue Reaves & Gaia Given Gifts to reduce waste as much as possible.  Therefore, your items may be packaged using materials we have repurposed from shipments we have received or other sources. This may include, boxes with old labeling, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.  When possible, we will strive to use earth-friendly packaging materials, but we want to reuse them as much as we can.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Refund policy

All Sales Final.
No Exchanges*
No Refunds**


*Defective items may be exchanged.

Email for details.

**Unopened domestic packages marked 'Return To Sender' will be refunded, minus the cost of shipping.  International packages refused at customs will not be refunded. 

***Please understand due to the nature and spiritual work that goes into each product in our store, all sales are final.

SACRED SEVEN - Incense Herb Blend

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