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(1) White Sage Bundle

White Sage is a plant considered sacred and is highly protected in the areas where it grows abundantly.  For centuries White Sage has been used for cleansing, purifying, and protecting spaces. Smudging with White Sage can help to rid a space of negativity, low vibrations, negative spirits, and stagnant energies.


Notes:  When smudging makes sure to have proper ventilation.  Open all doors and or windows to allow the smoke to carry out of the space what it has collected.  When smudging it is always best to recite a prayer or mantra as you’re walking around your space smudging from corner to corner.  You may simply say, “With this sacred herb I cleanse and purify this space.  May its smoke remove all that impure and negative towards me.”  You can come up with your own little prayer or chant.  You may also use prayers and Psalms.


Make a ritual out of it. Put strong intent into your smudging ritual whether you do it daily or occasionally.

(1) White Sage Bundle

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