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Healing Therapy

Offering Exclusive Services Now

Niyah Now born an American Jamaican with a supernatural gift to see the future and connect the unseen to the NOW.  Niyah is an Energy Body Intuitive Healer, Business Consultant, and Medium/ Bridge who connects to energies of the spiritual world, including angels and spirit guides, to help you gain inner peace and increased spiritual awareness. Whether you need advice, counsel, or mentorship, Niyah loves to assist in creating strategies and a plan for your NOW to fuel your present-day situations and future.



I hope to work with you soon to help you overcome your blockages and bridge your blessings!

Greetings Family,


I am very excited to help you find clarity & uphold wholeness.  


During your Consultation, I connect with Divine Great Mother directly from your own Spirit or Higher Self.  In the consultation, I will ask precise questions to deal with the most frequent Spiritual Issue you may be struggling with.  


I can also serve as a preparatory/ introductory prerequisite for Regression Services offered by Mr. Cue Reaves.  If you have already had a regression, this session is also perfect because we can deep dive and lift any buried internal blockages.


Please feel free to get as many of these consultations as needed until you feel prepared for (a)nother regression or session.

Services Niyah Offers :

  • Intro to Regression - Pre-Regression  (you need this before you get your first regression)

  • Spiritual Clarity Consultation - to overcome blockages & bridge your blessings

  • General One-on-One Consultation - ask me anything. It's your time!

  • Business One-on-One Consultation - business questions

  • Space Clearing/ Cleansing - removing any negative energies or entities from space and restoring balance and harmony (must be done via Facetime, Zoom, or WhatsApp.)

  • Spellwork

  • Rituals


Email me for other services that interest you -

Much LOVE to you & your Family!


I am looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Niyah Now

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