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(1) Sweetgrass Herb Braided

Sweetgrass is a sacred herb traditionally used in Native North American tribes during prayer for purification ceremonies.  Also known as Seneca Grass, Vanilla Grass, Holy Grass, and Buffalo Grass, Sweetgrass was used by Native American tribes as an offering during sacred prayers, for home blessings and purification, and for personal purification and protection. 


Sweetgrass is a spiritual tool to consecrate statues and offerings before placing them on altars.   Also use Sweetgrass to bless your home, work, and those who are dear to your reality.  It helps in lifting vibrations in a space and a person. 


Sweetgrass is almost always used along with Sage and/ or Cedar;  After cleansing the space with Sage or Cedar, burn Sweetgrass to bring about blessings, healing, and sweetness. 


Sweetgrass brings positivity and sweetness where ever it is burned.  Sweetgrass is very aromatic therefore it can be used similar to incense. Its sweet scent will linger for hours sometimes even days depending on how much of it you burn. 


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(1) Sweetgrass Herb Braided

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